Turkey's largest worm castings production
and Vermiculture Company
Miracle Animal Worms

Eisenia Foetida (Red California Worm)

Miracle Animal

Worms are one of the rare animals that have survived since the early days of the creation of earth.

They owe this power to survive to their immune system.

The power of their immunity comes from their protective body liquids that are present on their skins and in their digestive systems called the “coelom liquid”.

The digestive system of worms host bacteria that carry many microorganisms and affix the nitrogen, and natural growth hormones that carry antibiotic effects and enzymes.

Worms produce the coelom liquid in order to move freely in the soil and to protect themselves from millions of harmful bacteria and not get ill.

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EkosolFarm KompostBox

Revaluate Your Domestic Wastes with EkosolFarm KompostBox® worm bin

Produce Your Own Organic Fertilizer!

If You Produce Your Own Worm Fertilizer,

you can produce 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables on your balcony or in your garden

from 100% Organic Seeds,

and you will not have to eat unhealthy chemical foods!

Tasty organic foods will soon be on your dinner table!

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About Ekosol

Ekosol Farming and Livestock Company (Ekosol Tarım ve Hayvancılık Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.) is the largest company in Turkey producing Organic Worm Castings Fertilizer. Located in Manisa, Turkey. Ekosol is specialized in worm castings and the production of certified EkosolFarm 100% Organic Worm Castings®  in solid and liquid form.   

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