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Vermicompost wormcastings EkosolFarm

Vermicompost wormcastings EkosolFarm

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Garden / Field / Greenhouse Basis Weight : 1 Kg – 1,5 Kg – 10 Kg – 25 Kg

REG. (EC) 889/2008 (ANNEX I)
.NOP (§205.105)

It is a 100% EkosolFarm WormCastings in which 100% of the food fed to the worms passes through the digestive system of the worms and no elements other than those digested by the Eisenia Foetida Red California Worms exist.

Vermicompost Fertilizer EkosolFarm

EkosolFarm 100% Organic Worm Castings® obtained from the scoria of the Red California Cultivated Worms increases the productivity, stamina and quality of vegetables, fruits and plants, while also improving their natural aroma and forti­es the roots against illnesses.

The organic content regulates the composition of the soil, thereby increasing its hydration and aeration capacity.

Ekosolfarm 100% Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer® obtained from the scoria of the Red California Cultivated Worms increases the productivity, stamina and quality of vegetables, fruits and plants, while also improving its natural aroma, and fortifies the root against illnesses.

Due to the amount of organic materials present within, the texture of the soil is reformed, and water holding and aeration capacity of the soil is increased. It does not contain weed seeds.

Worms transfer the bodily liquids (ceolom liquid) present it their digestive system and around  their bodies into the compost which provides protection to the plants against illnesses.

The digestive system of these worms host many microorganisms useful for plants, bacteria that affix nitrogen, micorisal fungi, and natural growth hormones that have an antibiotical effect as well as enzymes. The enzymes that pass onto the compost along with concentrated nutritive elements provide healthy and quick growth of  plants.

This is the Definition of a Miracle!

Thanks to Ekosolfarm 100% Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer®, quality plants with high stamina are obtained because microorganisms, enzymes, plant nutritive elements as well as the ceolom liquid enrich the soil organically while also regulating its Ph balance and its biological and physical texture.

vermicompost wormcastings ekosolfarm application

Where can I use it?

EkosolFarm 100% Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer® can be used for all garden and balcony vegetable growing, for fruits, garden flowers and grass areas, as well as for all your plants at home.

Because EkosolFarm 100% Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer® does not contain any chemicals that can damage the roots of your plants, it can be used directly and safely without mixing with soil, turf, etc. to grow your seeds and tillers.

How can I use it?

* When planting vegetables; 1 handful (approx. 50 gr.) into each planting pocket for tillers, or 4 handfuls (approx. 200 gr.)  into each planting pocket for fruit trees should be applied to directly contact with the root of the plant. The planting pocket should then be covered with soil and watered well.

* For your grown vegetables and fruits;  hoe the ground 10-15 cm. deep, around the plant stem to a radius of its leaf shade projection area and cover this area with about 1 kg. of vermicompost fertilizer. Place enough soil to cover the vermicompost fertilizer and water the area. Ex: For a tree that has 2 metres of leaf shade projection radius on the ground, use 2 kg. of vermicompost fertilizer.

* For balcony plant growing; cover the top of the pots of your vegetables and fruits with a thin layer of vermicompost fertilizer, mix it lightly with the upper soil and water your pots.

  * For all other types of decorative plants with flowers; cover the top of the pots with a thin layer of vermicompost fertilizer,  mix it lightly with the upper soil and water your pots.

EkosolFarm Vermicompost Fertilizer® is a 100% Organic Fertilizer, so it fertilizer application can be repeated as often as desired. It is advised that you apply the fertilizer at least twice per year for the health and growth of your plants.

 You can share your experiences about our product and your applications on out site: facebook.com/EkosolFarm.


EkosolFarm liquid worm fertilizer

EkosolFarm 20 Litrers worm fertilizer

EkosolFarm® 100% Organic Liquid Worm Fertilizer is Turkey’s first Organic LIQUID WORM FERTILIZER produced for farmers by Ekosol, Turkey’s largest worm fertilizer producer.

EkosolFarm Liquid Worm Fertilizer is a concentrated liquid fertilizer with a long shelf life produced by EKOSOL FARMING COMPANY, reprocessed in the liquid production integrated facility from packaged EkosolFarm Granule 100% WormCasting.

EkosolFarm Granule WormCastings is transformed into liquid fertilizer with balanced pH levels to keep the bacteria dorment. Sold in packages of 1 litre – 5 litres – 10 Liters and 20 litres, sealed with a special cap.

EkosolFarm® 100% Organic Liquid Wormcastings Worm Fertilizer

1- Can be used in all drip line irrgation systems.

2- Thanks to the microorganisms it contains, elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that are needed by the plants and products can be absorbed quickly and easily.

3- The organic substance fortifies the biological structure of the soil and the roots of the plants against illnesses.

4- Acts as a stimulant for photosynthesis in the leaves.

5- Shortens the growth period of all farm products and plants, especially of tillers by speeding the growth and development processes, thereby increasing productivity. 

6- Reduces the stress of plants and the soil. Must be used after being mixed with water

7- Increases the resistance of plants against cold and frost.

8- Is a product with fixed contents that contains all nutrients necessary for plants.

Is applied as 1 liters per 1000 square meters.

EkosolFarm Worm House EkosolFarm KompostBox

It is now time to revaluate our domestic wastes.

EkosolFarm KompostBoxRevaluate Your Domestic Wastes  Produce Your Own Organic WormCastings with EkosolFarm KompostBox® Worm House!

With the 100% Organic WormCastings that you produce, you can produce 100% organic fruits and vegetables in your balcony or in your garden from organic seeds.

By consuming 100% organic produce, you will fortify your own immune system and protect yourself from illnesses and lead a healthier life.

What is EkosolFarm KompostBox® Worm House?

Is basically the Organic Recycling Box in your home. It is the main unit to start producing your own worm fertilizer in your home or office.

Thanks to EkosolFarm KompostBox®, you can use the valuable organic wastes such as the deposits and peels of vegetables and fruits, egg shells, etc. which are thrown as garbage to produce 100% organic worm fertilizer

How do Worms Produce the WormCastings? When you purchase your EkosolFarm KompostBox® unit, you can feed the worms, sent to you, with your kitchen garbage such as deposits and peels of vegetables and fruits, egg shells, cardboard, etc. The worms will feed on these wastes and digest them to produce a 100% organic fertilizer.

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Eisenia Foetida WormsThis is a cultured worm named Eisenia Foetida grown in California to be used specifically to produce the EkosolWorm Organic Vermicompost®.

Dark red in color, it is more delicate, slimmer and smaller than other soil worms. This is why they can move around in the soil much quicker. They can open up more galleries in the compost which enable a quicker fermentation of the fertilizer.

They produce the ceolom liquid that improves their movement capabilities. This liduid also protects them against illnesses.

The same liquid is processed in their digestive systems. The foods that they consume are digested with the help of enzymes and the ceolom liquid, and this valuable liquid is transferred into the compost.

They are more productive and thus reproduce more quickly. Your small quantity of worms will quickly increase in numbers and will therefore create an even quicker composting.

They are much more resistant against illnesses and have more quantities of enzymes in their digestive systems. This enables you to obtain a higher quality fertilizer.

This is the definition of a miracle. Foods given to the worms are digested and discarded full of intense nutritive elements that can be used up easily by the plants. The scoria of these worms also known as the vermikest does not require a breakdown by the plant so it can be easily absorbed by the roots.

Thankss to the enzymes, the plant nutritive elements, and the ceolom liquid present within this worm compost, plants develop a resistance against root diseases such as nematod and fusarium.

This strength as well as the nutrients are passed on to the plants through its fine and main roots. With this natural fertilizer rich in organic elements, you will be able to produce resistant and high quality products.

The size of mature worms are between 6 to 8 cm. They weigh around 1-1,4 grams. They must be protected from sunlight, otherwise they will die in a few minutes. Their life span is around 4,5 years.  Under favorable circumstances, a worm will reproduce 7 times per year. It is advised that you should start with minimum 500 worms, depending on the size of CompostBox.



With EkosolFarm 100% Organic Worm Castings Fertilizer® and organic domestic seeds that are not GMO (genetically modified organism), you can produce your own organic fruits and vegetables in your own garden and your balcony!

All you need to do to produce organic fruits and vegetables in your balcony or garden is to plant the non-GMO EkosolFarm® Domestic Organic Seeds in your appropriate pots and to use the EkosolFarm 100% Organic Worm Castings Fertilizer® types that can be applied directly to the soil.


Ekosol Farming Company has accumulated its experience and knowledge in worm fertilizer production under the name EkosolSystem 


and designed the Ekosas Continuous Flow System for production of automation products for wormcasting production in conformance with the standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

In order to maintain the quality standards of WormCasting, which is a new generation of fertilizers, this system ensures the comfort and health of the worms to reproduce in optimum numbers, completely independent from the ground. May be produced in desired dimensions in order to fit the closed areas of entrepreneur producers.

For more information: ekosolfarm@ekosol.com.tr