Worm Castings Fertilizer Production Techniques Seminar

EkosolFarm ManisaOn a predetermined Saturday of each month, the experts of the subject know the production process of the Solid Worm Fertilizer production (AKA worm castings, vermicast, bio humus, wurm humus etc.) both in theory and in our production areas in Ekosol Farming Co. Manisa Plant.
We give the all detailed training to our visitors in the seminars.

All of the questions about the production of Organic Worm Fertilizer are answered and the sales of our EkosolFarm Worm Manure, EkosolFarm CompostBox and Compost Unit products are as follows.


Worm Fertilizer Production Training Seminar Program:

How to Install Worm Manure Production Plant?
What is Worm Castings Production?

How to produce worm castings fertilizerHow Worm Fertilizer Production Started in the World?
How Worms Feed? How does fertilizer produce?
Eisenia Foetida / Red Californian Worms
What are the Characteristics of Red California Worms?

How is Worm Fertilizer Produced?
Worm Fertilizer Production Plant How to install?
Differences in Stacking and Soil Dependent Production Models.
Advantages and disadvantages of Continuous Flow System

Worm Manure Production Plant How to Install Worm Manure What is it?

How to produce worm castings fertilizer

Differences between Vermicompost and Warm Castings
What is the content of Worm castings?
What are the benefits to the soil?
What are the benefits to the plant?
What are the benefits to the product?
What are the usage quantities and shapes?

How to Install Worm Manure Production Plant?
What are the minimum requirements for building a plant?
How and where can you obtain production permits and documents?

How to produce worm castings fertilizerWhat is the cost of worm manure production plant?


Questions and Answers

Visiting Ekosol Agriculture Inc. Production Areas

Worm Castings seminar takes 4-5 hours.



Worm Castings Continuous Flow System EkosolFarm

The seminar given in Turkish language but the translator will provide with fee if necessary.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Mail: info@ekosol.com.tr